Brazed connections are as much a part of electrical engineering as the rotor is to the stator. Therefore, with our products you are supported in achieving reliable and reproducible results in your production. 

"Made by Volkmann"

In a constantly changing environment, we face new challenges with the highest level of commitment. Our strength is our flexibility, which enables us to integrate technical and societal change into our work processes.

Made by Volkmann

Customer requirements

Our plants and machines adapted to your needs and requests.

01. Customer specifications

We advise you based on our many years of experience.

02. Construction

Design – Development – Decision

03. Production

Durability is our top priority.

04. On-site installation

We will train your personnel in the use of our system on request.




Resistance brazing systems

Overlapping brazing connections on electric motors


Short-circuit brazing systems

Inductive, reproducible, effective


Pole coil brazing system

Quality and process optimisation combined in one system


Versatile in shape, size and application