Electrical engineering since 1931

Precision on point

We are a traditional electrical engineering company with headquarter in Werder (Havel). For 90 years now we are known as a strong partner and irreplaceable.



We offer high-precision CNC machining capabilities up to 4,000 mm.


We are supported by our modern machines with which we can fulfil all your customer requirements.


We are the world market leader in resistance brazing technology, short-circuit rotor brazing technology and pole coil brazing technology.


Our experienced team will be happy to support you in production, design and implementation of new ideas.

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Our Business

"Volkmann Elektromaschinenbau GmbH is characterised by a long tradition. For decades our company has been a competent, reliable manufacturer, supplier, and partner for the electrical engineering industry. We have always stood by our principles of reliability, quality, and precision."


Since 1999 we have been increasingly active internationally. Our customers are major manufacturers of large electrical machines, generators and transformers.



Our decades of experience, reliability, highest precision, and state-of-the-art technology make us a global market leader.